ATCEA and ICEG had a meeting online

On June 17, ICEG management and staff had an online meeting with representatives of the Association of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects (ATCEA).
ATCEA was represented by:
• Mr. İrfan Aker, ATCEA Chairman;
Mr. Orhan Uludag, ATCEA Board Member, Secretary;
Mr. Halil Agah, Secretary General of ATCEA.
In the course of the conference, Oleksandr Nepomnyashchyy, president of the Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild, informed the Turkish colleagues about the scales of destruction caused by the Russian aggression against Ukraine and challenges faced by the Ukrainian professional community while inspecting the damaged and destroyed superstructure and infrastructure, as well as working on improving the inspection regulations.
Irfan Aker, chairman of the Association of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects, expressed support to the Ukrainian people and readiness for joint practical steps to enable applying best global practices in surveying damaged and destroyed superstructure and infrastructure facilities.
As a result of the meeting, the parties agreed to deepen the cooperation launched in 2017 when the Memorandum of Understanding was signed and take practical measures aimed at providing the Ukrainian experts with methodological assistance.
ATCEA presentation can be found here.