Important decisions for the capital city recovery

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine earmarked UAH 200 m from the state budget’s reserve fund to eliminate the consequences of hostilities and rehabilitate the infrastructure. A corresponding decree of the Cabinet is published on the governmental portal (Decree No. 433-р of May 31, 2022).

The money will be spent to do priority reconstruction works for:
• inspection of damaged facilities;
• repair and replacement of windows and doors;
• of roof structures and coverings;
• renovation of façade structures;
• fixing holes in the streets and roads;
• repair of exterior and interior utility networks, namely, heating, gas, and water supply, sewerage, and electricity;
• dismantling the destroyed structures;
• removing destroyed materiel and civil machines from the roads and yards;
• cleaning up the streets and yards;

For facilities to be recovered through rehabilitation, the funds can be spent to develop the design documents and have it verified.

When using the above funds, Kyiv city military administration is assigned to:
• procure works and services by concluding direct contracts without holding procurement procedures and simplified procurements defined in the Law of Ukraine “On public procurements;”
• set the work cost for the overhaul and routine maintenance on the basis of punch lists;
• coordinate lists of expenses with the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development;
• in work and service contracts, to determine the conditions of prepayment that makes 30% of their total cost and procurement of building materials, products, and structures required to do such works, by contractors independently.

Kyiv mayor Vitalii Klychko previously informed in this Telegram channel about the start of reconstruction and rehabilitation of residential buildings and social infrastructure premises in the capital, which had been damaged by the aggressor’s shellings. The city budget allocates nearly UAH 600 m for these works.

To recap, on 20.05.2022, the Cabinet of Ministers passed Decree No. 613 that amends the procedure of performing the authorities of the State Treasury, which widen the list of budgetary expenses under the martial law, in particular, for repair and construction works, payments for routine repairs and maintenance, landscaping services, purchasing building and household goods and equipment, etc.