In Kiev, with the participation of the President of UEAtc there was discussed the question about the implementation of EU-oriented system of technical regulations in the construction.

Overcoming the effect of technical barriers in the commercial business and creating conditions for the integration of the building industry of Ukraine into the European community – that was the main theme of the round table held in the Ministry of Regional Development on the 23th of  February.

The discussion was held with the participation of Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Building and Housing Lev Partskhaladze, the President of the EU for technical approval in the  construction (UEAtc) Benny De Bleare, SE NIISK Director Dr. Gennadiy Farenyuk, the  President of the Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild Oleksandr  Nepomnyashchyy, experts, representatives of the  construction community.

It is worth mentioning that the expert community, scientists and members of the construction market all together say that the issue of implementation of the EU-oriented system of technical regulations in the construction become imminent long time ago.

“Asking why it is important for the domestic construction industry – same question, as to ask, for example, why good specialist should have good level of English. It’s a competitive advantage, isn’t  it? Same thing with the technical regulations in the construction: if we will adopt European-oriented system in Ukraine, firstly, our participants of the construction market will speak, so to say, the same language with European, secondly – it will help to attract foreign investment in the industry sector and to local builders to compete on the European market.”- commented Oleksandr  Nepomnyashchyy.

President of the Ukrainian public organization “Association of experts of the construction industry” Dmitry Barzilovich focused on the fact that in 2011 the European Union adopted Regulation 305 on the establishment of harmonized conditions for the spread on the market of the construction products. He emphasized that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU provides adaptation of our country legal system to Regulation 305 and the execution of the implementation measures.

“Ministry of Regional Development has developed a draft law on the basis of the Regulation 305. It is intended to regulate the mechanism for determining the essential characteristics of the technical performance of building products on the main requirements for building constructions. The  relevant provisions of the Regulation has been harmonized with the main provisions of the basic requirements for building constructions, procedures of the insurance for  the technical approval in the construction. We also wrote out in this law draft clear obligations for the entities ,that placing the construction products on the market. We will consider this project today at the meeting of the Government Committee, where I hope it will find support, “- said the Deputy Minister.

He also noted that the implementation of the mentioned law will require preparation and adoption of about two dozen regulations. Therefore, it is important for Ukraine in cooperation with the UEAtc to apply the existing experience in implementing of the Regulation 305.

“The cooperation with the UEAtc is particularly important for our country. Based on the experience of European countries- members of UEAtc, we’ll get the opportunity to participate in the  procedures of the EU regarding to the provision of the European technical assessments of the new products. This will help to eliminate technical barriers in marketing and to activate the European integration process “, – said Oleksandr  Nepomnyashchyy.

The President of UEAtc Benny De Bleare expressed his words of support for the local builders towards gradual integration of the Ukrainian construction industry to European. He said that UEAtc will support this process, methodologically also and gave sight for the round table of the European system of technical regulation, the main achievements and tendency of its development.

During the meeting there was sighed the Memorandum of Understanding between the UEAtc and the Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild. The parties – signatories of the Memorandum will contribute to the promotion and development of mutual contacts by applying a wide range of initiatives that includes distribution of the information, measures to create a network of business contacts and informal relationships with the purpose to achieve mutual understanding and strengthening of the partnership.


Additional information

UEAtc was founded in 1960 and brings together voluntary national research institutes, centers or organizations from 17 countries of Western Europe and the only country of the eastern-Ukraine. The members of UEAtc are the members of EOTA (European Organization for Technical Approvals in the construction), which is the structure of the EU Commission. Working together in UEAtc and EOTA, they largely determine policy in the construction of the EU.

EOTA deals with the issues of European Technical Approvals (ETAs) for the construction products, which have the same meaning as the standards, but for innovative products .Namely EOTA promotes the spread of new technologies that have not yet regulated by the standards.

Ukraine in UEAtc is represented by the State Enterprise “State Research Institute of Building Structures” (“DP NIISK”) since 2007. In cooperation with the UEAtc SE NIISK prepares Technical certificates on the order of the European Union, which allows to attract foreign investment to Ukraine, taking into account, that main building products are produced on the territory of our country.