Laws of Ukraine No. 2254-IX and No. 2247-IX enacted

Today, June 9, 2022, two Laws of Ukraine are enacted: No. 2254-IX of 12.05.2022 “On amending some laws of Ukraine on priority measures to reform the urban planning” and No. 2247-IX of 12.05.2022 “On amending some regulations of Ukraine on specialties in regulating land relations under the martial law.” The laws were published in the Holos Ukrayiny issue of 08.06.2022 – No. 119.

The Law No. 2254-IX is designed to regulate the relations in the field of urban planning during the martial law and ensure conditions to build housing for the people who lost housing of their own, to implement measures for complex recovery of municipalities, and relocation of companies’ production facilities. This Law takes effect on the day following its publication day except for Cl. 3 Par. 3 Chapter 1 (works on national standardization), which will be enacted Jan. 1, 2023.

The Law No. 2247-IX establishes special rules to own, use, and handle the land including those concerning the purpose of land lots for placing (building) the following facilities:

  • production facilities of enterprises;
  • places for temporary storage of debris;
  • road and transport infrastructure facilities;
  • facilities for temporary accommodation of internally displaced people.

In general, comprehensive implementation of these laws will allow setting up efficient mechanisms to restore, reconstruct, and relocate the facilities that suffered from the Russian aggression.

We expect prompt adoption of by-laws needed to implement the above laws and are ready to contribute to their development.

As we informed earlier, important laws were passed by the Verkhovna Rada.