Map of Destruction launched in Ukraine

Map of Destruction is an online map of Ukraine, which displays facilities of social, transport, and housing infrastructure, partially or totally destroyed in the aftermath of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24.02.2022.

Map’s purpose
To help raise funds for reconstruction of all destroyed facilities. The map accumulates information about all housing, social, and infrastructure facilities destroyed by the Russian Federation. The Government set up the Fund for Recovering Destroyed Property and Infrastructure and a national fundraising platform UNITED24 where anyone who is willing can donate money for the rehabilitation.

How the map works?
Anticorruption Headquarters NGO analysts enter coordinates and photos of destructions onto the map. Each facility has photos before and after shellings. Anyone willing can also enter the data by themselves.

The website was launched by the Anticorruption Headquarters NGO with the support from the International Renaissance Foundation. Anticorruption Headquarters NGO also joined the initiative launched by KSE Institute together with the President’s Office and Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. During the war, a few Ukrainian public organizations (such as Anticorruption Headquarters, Transparency International Ukraine, Prozorro.Sales, Center for Economic Strategy, Institute of Analytics and Advocacy, et al.) started to work on identifying the losses and documenting the destructions caused by the Russia’s war of aggression against democracy and freedom.

How to become a Map volunteer?
Join us! Your help is priceless. Have photos of destructions? Send them to the form or by email to  indicating the precise address or do it yourself at the website.