On Romania’s Experience on Damage and Loss Assessment and Risk Management

Romanian Association of Consulting Engineers (ARIC), as per the request of Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild, has shared the Draft Methodology for damage & loss assessment and risk mapping (after floods) developed on behalf of the World Bank Group.

The document specifies general approach and guidance on damage assessment required for risk management planning, which can be applied not only for losses caused by floods, but also, in certain aspects, for planning measures to mitigate consequences of various natural and man-made disasters, including for technical support of risk management plans during military conflicts.

ARIC kindly granted permission to ICEG to make the Methodology available on its website so that we can share these developments with the Ukrainian colleagues.

The English version of the Methodology is available HERE.

For your convenience, you can find its machine translation into Ukrainian HERE.

ICEG continues its cooperation with ARIC under the MoU signed during the meeting in Bucharest back in 2016, and will keep informing you about the experience of Romanian consulting engineers, which can be helpful for the Ukrainian construction market.