Spain reviews cooperation opportunities

On the initiative of Juan Antonio Obregón Sánchez, head of the commercial and economic department of the Embassy of Spain to Ukraine, ICEG management board had an online meeting with Spanish partners.

Juan Antonio Obregón Sánchez extended his support in this hard time and readiness to provide comprehensive assistance in the matters linked to rehabilitation of war-ridden areas pursuant to modern European standards and best global practices. He also mentioned a wide range of meetings and contacts in Ukraine he was planning and asked about the country recovery plan.

ICEG president Oleksandr Nepomnyashchyy told the meeting attendees about general operations of the Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild and measure taken to survey and reconstruct the facilities destroyed and damaged in the aftermath of the war and suggested possible ways of collaboration. Inter alia, he pointed out active involvement of ICEG representatives in technical research and public councils at the authorities and task groups formed in the National Council for Ukraine Recovery.

For reference: President of Ukraine established the National Council for Ukraine Recovery by his Decree No. 266/2022 of April 21, 2022. It approves the Council’s charter and staff members. To enable the Council to function properly and prepare professional offers, 23 task groups of various sectors are to be formed within the Council.