The Top 225 International Design Firms 2018 according to ENR

Dear colleagues,

Please pay your attention to the Top 225 International Design Firms 2018 according to ENR.

The Public Union “Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild” is proud that the Top 225 international design firms 2018 also includes foreign engineering companies with whom the ICEG has established contacts and international relations, including those under Memorandums of Understanding signed with the National Associations of Engineers Consultants.

We would like to remind you that in the field of interaction between foreign partners and Ukrainian companies – members of the ICEG, their joint participation in projects, as well as the selection of individual Ukrainian specialists for international tenders for procurement of engineering services and construction works, in such tenders ICEG does the following:
1) selects partners among foreign and local companies for each specific project;
2) prepares and sends proposals regarding possible partners and individual specialists in Ukraine for joint participation in a consortium (or as a sub-consultant);
3) assists Ukrainian partners in execution and filing the necessary documents and negotiating with foreign partners;
4) support and advise partners throughout the entire period of documents preparation and submission and contract implementation;
5) provide assessment of the situation and risks and recommendations (of one-field technical experts, lawyers, financiers, economists, managers, and others specialists).

You can also contact ICEG, whenever you need help or consultation on any matters, both in Ukraine and abroad.