FIDIC 105 years!


On July 22, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) turned 105 years old.

The Federation was founded in 1913 in the course of an international industrial exhibition in Ghent (Belgium) on the initiative of national associations of Belgium, France, and Switzerland and with the support of national associations of the Netherlands and Germany.

The first FIDIC president was Louis Prangey from France (1913 -1937).

At first, FIDIC’s operation was aimed at creating an international methodological basis meant to regulate the activities of consulting engineers. Later functions of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers extended and currently FIDIC is focusing its efforts on developing and publishing standard conditions of contract to be used with a purpose of regulating the relations between participants of international investment construction processes.

Today, FIDIC unites national associations from 102 countries on all continents.

The Federation represents the majority of practicing consulting engineers of the world. FIDIC headquarters are based in Geneva (Switzerland).

On behalf of the Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild I am extending my sincere congratulations and wishing you further prosperity and creative inspiration.

Sincerely yours,

ICEG President   Oleksandr Nepomnyashchyy