FIDIC Managing Director Enrico Vink Paid a Working Visit to Ukraine

On 13-15 June 2018, Enrico Vink, FIDIC Managing Director, accompanied by Mrs Giorgiana Tecuci, FIDIC Capacity Building Committee (CBC) Member, and Mrs Cremona Cotovelea, FIDIC Risk, Liability and Quality Committee (RLC) Member, was on a working visit in Ukraine.

Upon invitation of the Inter-State Consultants Engineers Guild (ICEG), Enrico Vink and his colleagues visited the offices of ICEG and professional self-governing organizations operating in the field of construction in Ukraine, met with the core team, and familiarized themselves with the results of the activity of ICEG and of the Scientific School of Risks Management in Construction and Operation of Real Estate  headed by Oleksandr Nepomniashchyi.

The working meetings and discussions on the need to speed up the process of implementation of the best world practices in the field of construction in Ukraine resulted in the License Agreement signed between FIDIC and ICEG for translating and spreading the following publications:

  1. FIDIC Procurement Procedures Guide (1st Edition, 2011)
  2. FIDIC Contracts Guide to the Construction, Plant and Design-Build and EPC/Turnkey Contracts (1st Edition, 2000)

Apart from that, Mr Vink took part in FIDIC Business Days organized by the Association of Consultant Engineers of Ukraine (AECU).

Signing the License Agreement between FIDIC and ICEG for translating and spreading FIDIC guides, 14 June 2018


Meeting of Mrs Giorgiana Tecuci and Mrs Cremona Cotovelea with the ICEG core team