ICEG contributes to Ukrainian-Turkish cooperation

The Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild initiated an online business meeting between ICEG managing board and staff and representatives of the Turkish engineering company Temelsu International Engineering Services Inc., which was held April 22.

The discussion was focused on practical issues of inspecting buildings and structures damaged or destroyed during the Russo-Ukrainian war. Seismic activity has similar albeit not identical destructive effect on the strength of building structures. Having expertise in earthquake epicenters, primarily with utility networks and critical infrastructure facilities, the Turkish experts are ready to answer questions from their Ukrainian colleagues. What is more, our partners intend to share available research materials and publications on the survey and reconstruction of destroyed facilities.

With its experience od working on the Ukrainian market, TEMELSU will also be able to join the Ukraine recovery efforts after the military actions end.

For reference: TEMELSU was founded in 1969. The company provides engineering and consulting services to governmental institutions, local government agencies, and private companies at all stages of construction projects in Turkey and other countries. TEMELSU successfully implements international projects in the Central and Southern Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine where inter alia the company is working with an ICEG member  –  FBM Ukraine LLC.