ICEG President to Attend GLOBAL ECONOMIC IMPACT FORUM ON UKRAINE held in Istanbul July 21-22 2022

We are pleased to announce the Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine to take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on July 21-22, 2022. It is the world’s most important and influential forum of international decision-makers focused on rebuilding Ukraine.

The Forum agenda includes 80+ speakers, the LIVE participation of approximately 1,000 people from over 77 different countries, including heads of state and government ministers, legislators, company CEOs, civil society leaders, global media outlets and investors from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific, Latin America and North America.

The Global Economic Impact Forum on Ukraine will be held in collaboration with the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the International Council of Business Associations and Chambers in Ukraine, the Office of the National Investment Council of Ukraine and the ITC.

Topics of the Forum Include:

  • Supporting the participation of Ukraine-based firms in g lobal value chains.
  • Collaboration with the private sector to invest in infrastructure, skills and business development.
  • Creating local economic opportunities for Ukraine
  • in a variety of industries.
  • Adding value to existing supply chains in Ukraine.
  • Sanctions, and the re-orientation of supply chains away.

Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild will be represented by Dr. Prof. Oleksandr Nepomnyashchyy, ICEG President.