Interstate Сonsultants Engineers Guild Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

Taking a look at the age of engineering consultancy associations in neighboring countries such as Poland and Romania, not to mention the respectable, more than a centennial timeline of FIDIC, the “parent” organization, it definitely gives an understanding that there is a long way ahead of us.

Looking back at our “first five-year plan”, we hope that our activities aimed at creating consulting engineering industry in Ukraine and its sustainable development were effective and remain relevant for our state.

Presently ICEG brings together 38 companies and 911 individual entrepreneurs, which cover about two thousand industry specialists in total.

ICEG is an initiator and a proactive participant of shaping the systemic changes necessary for the functioning of the engineering consultancy market in Ukraine.

Our specialists were proactive in the development of occupational characteristics for “consulting engineer (construction)”; a standard list of services that a consulting engineer can provide to the employer during all phases of a construction investment project; a model form of Consulting Engineering Agreement; the draft law of Ukraine On Amendments to Certain legislative Acts of Ukraine on the Involvement of a Consulting Engineer in Construction Projects, etc.

Today, we are teaming up with the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine to improve the regulatory framework for contractual relations in construction.

Professor Oleksandr Nepomnyashchyy, ICEG President, is the founder and head of the Scientific School of Risks Management in Construction and Operation of Real Estate, which has already distinguished itself in the development of management and administration science in construction.

We keep fostering cooperation with the international consulting engineering community. Under the Memoranda of cooperation, we work closely with engineering consultancy associations of Poland, Romania, South Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Morocco, Germany, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Albania, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, and India.

ICEG has launched its Ukrainian translation of two Guides of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers – the FIDIC Contracts Guide and the FIDIC Procurement Procedures Guide; made translation of EFCA BIM booklet, and published a series of reference books for employers and consulting engineers.

We would like to extend special thanks for the longstanding support and cooperation to our partners and colleagues: the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)and its President, William Howard and Chief Executive Dr. Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA)  and its President, Kevin Rudden, our friends from the Polish Consulting Engineers and Experts Association  and the Romanian Association of Consulting Engineers, our friends and partners from engineering consultancy associations in other countries, FIDIC trainers – Giorgiana Tecuci, Vincent Leloup, Zoltan Zahonyi, Cremona Cotovelea, Adriana Spassova, the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine,  the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine,  State Road Agency of Ukraine, our colleagues from the Association of Experts in the Construction Industry, the Guild of Technical Supervision Engineers, the Guild of Designers in Construction, the Confederation of Builders of UkraineUkrainian Steel Construction CenterAssociation of Ukrainian CitiesAll-Ukrainian Association of Self-Governing Communities, our legal partners GORO Legal Law firm  and TOTUM Law firm, leading home engineering consulting, expert, design, construction ICEG member organizations, local authorities and all those striving for the establishment and sustainable development of engineering consultancy market and construction sector of Ukraine in general.

Keep moving!