Romanian builders are interested to enter the Ukrainian market

It was discussed at the meeting of the representatives of the Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild (ICEG, Ukraine) and of the Romanian Association of Consulting Engineers (“ARIC”), which was held recently in Bucharest. The “ARIC” Vice-President Dinu Popesku was as the initiator of the meeting.

The representatives of the well-known Romanian companies “SC SEARCH CORPORATION SRL”, “AECOM Ingenieria”, “AFAPLAN ENGENEERING”, “Consitrans Srl”, “S.C. AQUAPROIECT S.A.”, “S.C. Pro Toby S.R.L.” also were invited to the discussion of the cooperation issues.

According to the ICEG President Oleksandr Nepomnyashchyy, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between ICEG and “ARIC” was the result of discuss on the cooperation possibilities.

“I was really impressed by the atmosphere of the communication. We were invited as guests, but we felt homish – the warm welcome, the easy interesting conversation. We got acquainted with the experience of a powerful Romanian companies operating in the construction market. They are open to work also on the Ukrainian market. This is very good news for our country, which needs a serious investment. However there are a number of the unresolved yet issues of the construction industry legislative regulation, the special aspects of the existing system on the personnel certification of the industry. They were also discussed by us at the meeting. What to do and how, we know and we are ready to join to the formation of the appropriate sectorial legislative framework to open the door to the investor”, – said Oleksandr Nepomnyashchyy.

Commenting on the Memorandum, he expressed his belief that the document may have the formal nature, but it will result in real steps towards the development of the Ukrainian construction market and its integration into the European space of the technical regulation.

“My colleague, the “ARIC” President Michael Stantsiu, on signing the document called it only a first step for further fruitable cooperation. This is really true. And in this context should very help us the “ARIC” qualities, that were called by the Mr. Stantsiu – high level of the professionalism, mеga-experience and creative approach to the problem solving”, – summarized the ICEG President.

“I haven’t doubt that the Memorandum will have a practical content. After all, my human and life values are the same with the human and life values of the Mr. Nepomnyashchyy. And it means a lot in the implementation of joint large-scale tasks”, – added the “ARIC” President Michael Stantsiu.