Ukrainian Builders Expand the Borders of Cooperation

Cooperation of Ukrainian organizations of consulting engineers with the professional international community expands its borders, with Slovakia being the direction this time.

On November 27, 2017, the “Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild” (ICEG) and the Slovak Association of Consulting Engineers (SACE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Kyiv. The parties emphasized the importance of economic cooperation to achieve the goals of development of Ukraine and the Slovak Republic. According to the document, the signatories undertook to promote the encouragement and development of mutual contacts of members of their organizations in Ukraine and the Slovak Republic. The means to an end comprehend taking steps to create and persistently expand the network of business ties. Both parties confirmed the interest in intensifying cooperation to implement construction projects.

Natalia Kozlovska, Director of the Department of State Programs and Housing Development of the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine, underlined that new promising opportunities are of importance to cooperation with the professional international community.

“There can be different ways to understand different framework agreements. Someone may take them as mere declarations, but we take them for a window of opportunity. When I say “we”, I mean all those interested in the development of the Ukrainian construction industry. In order to competently build a real country, the construction industry must be competitive and investment attractive. And the basis for its development is the regulatory framework, which we must jointly improve, simplify and make clear to all players in the local construction market, as well as external ones. And we count on our partners’ help to make it happen. But we also have something to share in terms of experience and knowledge”, said Olexandr Nepomnyashchyy, President of the Civil Society “Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild”.

Vladislav Janota, President of the Slovak Association of Consulting Engineers (SACE), emphasized that such cooperation would be mutually beneficial.

“Everyone has his own experience and his vision of how the industry and its sectors should develop further. But their synergy gives everyone the opportunity to look at certain things from different angles and make the right decisions. And that is why establishing such cooperation is important”, said Vladislav Janota.

The Memorandum was signed as part of the roundtable “Interaction Experience of Engineering Companies with Authorities and International Organizations of Consulting Engineers during Implementation of Projects of International Financial Organizations” with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development, Ukrainian engineering companies, construction institutes like Dampferzeugung, and industrial communities.

Additional information

SACE  was established in 2003. The purpose of the association is to support engineering and consulting activities and mutual coordination of consulting companies in the Slovak Republic. SACE is a FIDIC member.

The Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild (ICEG) is an independent professional association that aims at harmonizing the existing model of the market of engineering and consulting services in Ukraine in accordance with generally accepted international standards. ICEG is an affiliated member of FIDIC and an associate member of the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA).

The International Federation of Engineering Consultants (FIDIC) is the largest international construction consulting organization that brings together more than 97 national associates of consultant engineers around the world. FIDIC pursues a policy of globalization, sustainable development, and integrative understanding of business.

The European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA) is a non-governmental nonprofit organization founded in 1992, which is the only European federation representing the European industry of engineering, consulting and related services. It employs more than one million professionals, most of which have the high qualification in a wide range of disciplines.